Monday, November 18, 2013


This week has been sweet! Minus one day. Lol I got super sick last Tuesday from some flan that I ate. It is one of those things that now, every time I think of it I get queezy. I felt sick all day Tuesday. It started out in my stomach then turned into a 103.4 degree fever ( I measured.)and I also felt so weak all over my body. I didn´t eat for 2 full days and probably lost 10 pounds. It was horrible. We left in the morning to go work and it was super hard. We came back to the pension early that day about 6 and I fell asleep and woke up to the alarm at 4:30 the next morning. I felt a lot better. We had to go to Córdoba that morning for a mission conference. It is a 3 hour collectivo ride through the pampa so we always have to wake up early. The reunion was really good. I learned a lot. I also had the opportunity to be seated next to President Allioud during lunch and talk to him personally for 45 minutes. They are really great! Also starting this month, we will be recieving 1000 pesos every month instead of 750. Lol That is a huge jump, and I am not sure why because 750 was enough if you spent it wisely. Anyways, we had some delicious gelado in Córdoba after the conference and went to a mall that is nicer than any that I have ever seen. AUnt Ashley, I am pretty sure you could spend a week in this mall. It was super cool. Although, everything was pretty much too expensive for us missionaries. I also realized though that Córdoba is HUGE!! It is seriously so big.. Like NYC big. The buildings are so tall in the city and it is such a spread out city also. It was the first time I had really been in the city. It was really cool. Elder Lopez and I have seen miracles this last week. We have had the opportunity to know many families here in Villa Nueva. But every once in a while, a family comes along and they are just special. That is how I felt about a family we found this week. The Galindez family. We taught them about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Families, and they came to church with us yesterday. They really enjoyed it and are very interested. They are always asking questions and it really is a great family. We have another lesson set for tomorrow, and I am super excited to teach them. I hope that they can continue to progress and ask you all to pray for this family. Well all is good here. I have had a lot of cool experiences in the past week. Transfers are not this Sunday but the next. Elder Burliegh finishes his mission and goes back to his house in Utah. He is going to University of Utah starting Winter Semester. Elder Lopez will probably be transfered leaving Elder Hellstern and I to show the area to our new companions. I would honestly kind of like to be here for Christmas. I really like this area. Thank you for all the prayers and letters and everything. To all the youth in our ward: Start now to prepare to serve a mission. The lord doesn´t need more missionaries, he needs missionaries that are prepared spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Always do all of the programs of the church with exactness and above all else pray and read and study the scriptures to obtain a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I bless you that as you do so, you will find out for yourself of its truthfullness. Sincerely, Elder Caten